Toptal is funny

Toptal is a freelencer site which provides top 3% web freelencers. To join it, you have to pass their test first. There are a lot of people waiting to join it, so you have to wait for some time until some screener will come to talk and interview you. If want to get priority, you have to do something like what I’m doing right now, writing a blog about Toptal, to show you’re eager to join it, and it’s so great to join it. So everyone read this blog is moved to join it.

It’s funny, to get priority you have to write some blog to introduce it, or promote it. But it’s fair, because everyone gets his wanted. The problem is I even don’t have any experience how can I write the advantages of Toptal. Maybe I have bad experience, but some people may join it because of this blog, I will regret to do this.

So I just clarify this blog is not proved. So you have to make decision by yourself, not based on this blog. Of course if I really find Toptal is very good, I’m very happy to recommend it to everyone, even nobody ask me to do it.