typings install

By default use typings install --save --ambient {your-lib-here}, which will only install that type declaration file. Also add one entry in typings.json under ambient section. You can notice the declaration file is from DefinitelyTyped, which is declaration file repository for deprecated type manager tsd. Because DefinitelyTyped is global, so you can only use as ambient. Your target library dependencies declaration file should be installed by typings manually. Such as typings install --save --ambient express, then you also need install express dependencies typings install --save

Command typings install --save install declaration file for target lib and dependencies.

{ “ambientDependencies”: { “body-parser”: “registry:dt/body-parser#0.0.0+20160317120654”, “cookie-parser”: “registry:dt/cookie-parser#1.3.4+20160316155526”, “express”: “registry:dt/express#4.0.0+20160317120654”, “express-serve-static-core”: “registry:dt/express-serve-static-core#0.0.0+20160322035842”, “gulp”: “registry:dt/gulp#3.8.0+20160316155526”, “mime”: “registry:dt/mime#0.0.0+20160316155526”, “morgan”: “registry:dt/morgan#1.2.2+20160317120654”, “node”: “registry:dt/node#4.0.0+20160423143914”, “serve-favicon”: “registry:dt/serve-favicon#0.0.0+20160316155526”, “serve-static”: “registry:dt/serve-static#0.0.0+20160317120654” }, “devDependencies”: {}, “dependencies”: { “gulp”: “registry:npm/gulp#3.8.0+20160211003958” } }