DotNet: I'm back

A side project requires Asp.Net. I don’t want to go back to DotNet, though it’s a good platform, but I don’t touch Windows for 4 years, I don’t use it for 8 years. Now I cannot image work with Windows, not Mac. As an engineer, we should keep curiosity for everything, right? The more important is Windows changes a lot in recent year, more open. That’s why DotNet can work on Mac. Now let’s setup everything on Mac.

Your First ASP.NET app on Mac

Just follow this article to setup. Here I just mentioned some pitfall you should notice during the whole setup. So you just need to check below points when you cannot continue based on the original article.

  1. cannot find command 'dotnet'. After you install dotnet sdk, you have to launch a new terminal to test the command dotnet -v, because it seems the path environment only works in new terminal, not old terminal before you install.