Google UX Engineer Interview

This is total different engineer interview experience, and I was disappointed by the interview because it absolutely not like Google interview style. Maybe another tiny part was I didn’t have chance to say NO to Google :)

You don’t need to know how to design and write code, I mean the code with business logic or show the architecture design. You only need implement the visual effect. The whole interview including 4 sessions, I only write 1 line of js code, yes, just one line. All I was asked were CSS. Most questions are beginning with “Do you know” like,

Do you know box-sizing?

Do you know calc(100%-30px)?

Do you know responsive design and adaptive design?

Do you know Progressive Web App?

Do you know transition?

Do you know transition property?

Do you know CSS animation?

Do you know CSS animation event?


I agree it’s import for CSS designer, but do you think it’s very hard to use CSS to finish your work? I don’t remember one CSS style property, is it hard to learn it? CSS transition and animation, it’s just need 30 mins I can know how to use them to implement most basic animations. It seems Google UX engineer is a memory machine, not a learner. I think interview should check how a candidate to solve one problem, not how to remember an answer.

I thought they will ask something about data structure or algorithm, NO, they just need you remember those CSS properties. That’s easy, just provide a list of CSS properties Google required, then I can remember them the day before interview.

I believed I would reject Google UX Engineer offer when I just out of Google office, but I don’t know why I didn’t have chance to say NO. I was told I failed. I didn’t have any interest to know the reason, but I know I don’t want to work with those interviewers, because they let me feel the work was so boring. But another guy who had lunch with me impressed me a lot!

Bye Google! I don’t know if I still have passion for you in future.