redshift disk full

Today fail to copy data from s3 json file to redshift, check the stl_error and stl_load_errors tables, I find some error like “disk full error”. Also I check the redshift aws console, I find the Percentage of Disk Usage is 100%.

iOS html5 video

Some iOS html5 video experience. Actually I spent much time to handle some special cases for iOS html5 video element, but always forget after finishing my work. Next time I need to spend time to figure out the same issue. Now blog it to avoid to forget it again :)

How To Write Chinese Characters

You can find a good online chinese dictionary from here, but this site only provides the flash file to teach you how to write a Chinese character. To support most mobile devices, we can use Google Swiffy to convert it into html5.

S3 cross domain issue

It seems a simple to solve s3 cross domain issue, but I spent a lot of time to fix it. Maybe you will have similar issue, please try my solution if it works, if not, please let me know.


You can download purcell emacs.d from here. It’s really a good emacs configuration. I like use it. And the most important thing I learnt is use ‘M-x’ to select your command to avoid rememeber fast key.


  1. lazy git
  2. mysql clone database
  3. how to npm private module


  1. install jekyll
  2. deploy it to github
  3. add google anlytics
  4. add google ads
  5. add theme
  6. add jekyll command tool
  7. auto generate summary
  8. generate correct relates

command line to create jekyll post

It’s boring to manully create jekyll post and setup prety format, so I find two command line tools to help you create post easily.

Intro Typescript

Grunt Basic

Grunt is a very cool task runner tool, like Ant in java world. Now introduce how to automatic all nodejs web work, ExpressJs and Angular. From it you can learn much basic important grunt skill to use in your real project development.